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Program Ulangkaji Matematik

Majlis Ambang Merdeka SMKKB 2018

Back to School, Appreciation Night 2018.

Back to School, Appreciation Night 2018.

A reunion for all KBians!

Are you an ex-student of SMK Kepong Baru?

Once a KBian, Always a KBian! Spread the news. Let’s be in the Alumni today!

SMKB has a history of 41 years. Many ex-KBians have achieved tremendous success in a variety of industries. It would be a huge gain for the students of this generation to dwell in these skills, experiences and worldviews.

Our Alumni was founded in July 2017. ‘Appreciation Night’ is our first event. Theme: 🐝Bee My Alumni

We aim to:-

1. Reunite all KBians (students, teachers, principals); rekindle memories & friendship.

2. Congregate expertise of all disciplines for the benefits of our school & children.

3. Raise funds for activities of the alumni & the school.

Back to School, Appreciation Night 2018.

Price: RM100/ticket

So, what are you waiting for? To purchase your ticket, please call / whatsapp us at 012-308 0177 now!

Jadual Peperiksaan Percubaan SPM 2018

World Dance Master

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Pertandingan Melukis Poster

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